Our Company

For the Cuciniello Family, Italian wine is more than a passion; it’s a way of life.

Growing up in Ercolano, Italy, Giuseppe Cuciniello had his eyes set on the future and the opportunities that the United States had to offer.

Having learned the import/export business from his father, Giuseppe sought his fortune in America.  In the 1970s, he founded Fantastik Imports and Exports, steadily growing the company through his passion and diligent work-ethic.

Following Italian tradition, Giuseppe passed the passion for the business, and over time, the reins, to his son Joseph, who renewed the vision and focus for Fantastik Imports and Exports.  Passionate about all things artisanal, and wanting to bring the high-quality products that he experienced while spending summers in Italy, Joe honed the focus of the company to bringing hand-made Italian products to the American market.

Through deep rooted connections throughout Italy, Giuseppe and Joe have developed relationships with family-owned producers that share the same passion as they do for the Italian way of life. In Italy everything is an expression of the terroir and culture: wine, food and family.  The high-quality artisanal products in our portfolio have been hand selected by Giuseppe and Joe to ensure that each item maintains it’s integrity from the producer to you.