Fresh, soft and texture of a young Sangiovese Maremma. Its fruity aroma makes it an excellent aperitif and also encourages pairings with appetizers made with cheese and red meat.  Our Morellino di Scansano is produced with 90% Sangiovese “Morellino” grape and 10% Alicante in our winery located between the beautiful Natural Park of Maremma and the amazing Monte Argentario peninsula off the coast of Grosseto, Tuscany.


  • DENOMINATION: D.O.C.G. Morellino di Scansano
  • PRODUCTION AREA: vineyards are situated in front of the Maremma Natural Park, near Fonteblanda.
  • LAND: on moderately loose-packed, clay soil, without frame.
  • VINEYARDS-KEEPING: spurred cordon with rows going from the East to the West and with low bud loan. This particular vineyard-keeping allows a good level of phoenolics maturation of the grape and the safeguarding of its typical aromas until the moment of the harvest.
  • HARVEST: it is usually carried out in mid-September, after having evaluated the main parameters of phenolic maturity of the grape which is collected by hand and carried to the cellar with cases.
  • VINIFICATION: the softly destemmed, pressed grape fermentates under controlled temperature, always undergoing the pumping over and the rack and return (délestage)
  • MATURATION: wine is kept in stainless steel tanks until spring which is the right period to sell it.
  • GRAPES: Sangiovese - Alicante. 8 tons of grape.
  • GRAPE YIELD: 70%