Great thickness and softness exuberant, fruity notes stand out from this wine. This wine is characterized by great balance and integrity. It's perfect for an aperitif and goes well with pasta dishes of fish and romantic dinners.


  • DENOMINATION: DOC Maremma Toscana Vermentino
  • PRODUCTION AREA: this wine is produced near Fonteblanda, in front of the Maremma Natural Park.
  • LAND: vineyards are situated on moderately loose-packed soil, without frame, on the western side of a hill.
  • VINEYARDS-KEEPING: spurred cordon with bud load going from 8 to 12 buds per vine with planting distance of 2.70 metres per 0.80 metres.
  • HARVEST: it is usually carried out in the first ten days of September, a bit earlier than the physiological maturity of the grape, in order to lift the characteristics of this variety of wine. Grapes are collected by hand and still carried to the cellar with cases, to ensure the best grains condition.
  • VINIFICATION: the mash is obtained with soft pressing, which allows the extraction of the juice from the best part of the grain. After the mash has clarified, it ferments under controlled temperature not only in order to preserve the typical aromas of this variety of grapes (about 30 days), but also to facilitate the yeast job.
  • MATURATION: wine remains about 4 months in the tank and it undergoes different “batonage” to foster the autolysis of yeast cells which are in the lees, so increasing the wine's complexity.
  • GRAPES: 100% Vermentino
  • YIELD PER HECTARE: 8 tons of grape
  • AGING: at least 40 days in bottle.
  • TO BE SERVED AT: 10/11°C