Podere La Zappella

Nestled in the hills of Tuscany, sits the town of Reggello: famous for their production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Podere La Zappella is produced exclusively from the finest selection of olives grown in Tuscany.  The olives are hand harvested and pressed within 24 hours to ensure superior quality.

AttributesTasting Notes
ColorGreen to deep green
NoseIntensely aromatic with notes of fresh green olives
TasteRobust and fruity, with notes reminiscent of freshly cut herbs and artichokes
FinishLong lasting and balanced with a persistent spicy finish on the back palate

Although traditionally used in cooking, Podere La Zappella also has the body and flavor to be used as a fantastic finishing oil for pasta, grilled meats, bread, salads, pizza- just about anything!