Terre di Melazzano


Terre di Melazzano was founded in 1959 when Piero Giulio Falciani, from an old winemaker family, attracted by a truly unique landscape, saw in the land of Melazzano a "terroir" especially for growing grapes. He bought the estate and planted the first vineyards, began the renovation of the farmhouse and built the winery and thus began the history of our company.

His son Andrea, animated by the same passion of his father continued with traditional small steps and with determination and commitment increased the area planted to the 22 hectares of today, transformed the agricultural buildings in rural tourism reception facilities while proposing a production of a high quality Chianti Classico.

In recent times, his daughter Chiara, with the same passion and with a degree in economics at the University of Siena, has entered the company.

In 2012, the company acquired another Andrea, Andrea Pirovano, a winemaker from Valtellina a graduate from the University of Milan and Masters at the University of Florence, he arrived in fell in love with the beauty of the area and met Chiara.

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